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If you’re looking to spend the rest of your life in your home, one of the most important things to recognize is that many of the changes you can make now will not only support you as you age, it can also make things more comfortable for you and your family right now.

A good example of this is lever versus knob style door handles.  Lever door handles are easier to operate for those with grip problems, but they are also easier to open with – say – your hip if you’re carrying an armful of groceries.  Smart choices often don’t cost a lot of money and effort.

At its heart, think of your home as a constant.  Rugs and furniture may be in place for decades.  What may change is your ability to navigate them. Understanding how your abilities may change as you age, and how the change relate to the design of your home, is essential to your aging at home plan.   

Note – The Aging at Home Association is grateful to Louis Tenenbaum for providing the basis for this content. 

Louis is one of the nation’s leading authorities on aging in place and is the founder of HomesRenewed, a coalition of business, consumers, and nonprofits, driving policy and investment to increase the number of age-friendly homes.

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