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Q. What is the Aging at Home Association?

A:  The Aging at Home Association is a non-profit organization which helps people make smart decisions – at any age – to support long-term aging at home. Association Members receive access to tools, information and resources to help create and achieve their own personalized plan for aging.  These resources can help members that are caring for loved ones who are aging at home.  Members are invited to participate in an annual assessment process – Total Well-Being – designed to score their general well being in the areas of Health, Life and Money.  They then receive recommendations on how to improve their scores and sustain them over time.

Members receive access to special values and discounts which can help them save time and money.  This includes free in-home telehealth visits, discounts on care coordination services, and the opportunity to purchase Home Care Secure, an indemnity insurance product that provides cash at time of need for home care and other supports when Members need help to live at home. 

Q. Why was Aging at Home Association formed?

A:  The Aging at Home Association was formed because too few Americans have the resources to create an informed plan for long-term aging in the home.

Nearly 2/3 of Americans over the age of 65 will need help at some point to live at home. The costs can be significant – nearly $50,000 on average* – which Medicare does not pay for.

And if this help is not well planned or delivered, the risk of falls and injury can increase, which can result in a move from a cherished home to a nursing home.

Q. What happens when I become a Member?

A. Members are invited to visit the Aging at Home Association website and create a Member account. They will receive instructions on doing so once membership is purchased. Then, Members may access the annual Total Well-Being Assessment, they may see details on how to access Member discounts and special values, and they can also start to build their plan to age at home using a checklist tool.

Q. What is the Total Well-Being Assessment Aging at Home Association Members are invited yearly to complete?

A. Total Well-Being is an annual assessment which scores a Member’s well being within the categories of Health, Life and Money. Members then receive recommendations to improve their Total Well-Being scores and sustain them over time. The well-being assessment was developed by Fidelity Investments® in collaboration with the Stanford Center on Longevity.

Q. How Much Is Membership in the Aging at Home Association?

A. Membership is available at the cost of $9.99 per month.

Q. What is Home Care Secure – Underwritten by Guarantee Trust Life (GTL)?

A: Home Care Secure is an innovative group indemnity insurance product that includes membership in the Aging at Home Association as part of its benefits. Home Care Secure is currently offered in the following states:


The product pays Members a weekly cash benefit during times where they require assistance to live at home – defined as cognitive impairment and/or an inability to perform at least two ‘Activities of Daily Living’ like walking or dressing. It’s estimated 2/3 of Americans age 65 and over will need this assistance at some point in their lives.

Weekly cash benefits pay a total maximum benefit between $20,000 and $60,000 depending on the level of benefit selected. Cash benefits are paid directly to the Member and may be used to pay for home care services and other supports, such as home modification and durable medical equipment, which are needed to help the Member live at home.

Benefits may be used for short-term support situations, such as after a hospital discharge, or longer term when Members can no longer reliably perform day-to-day activities without outside assistance.

Q. What does Home Care Secure offer?

A: Home Care Secure provides Members with a cash benefit when they need help to age at home. Benefit amounts (when fully vested) range from $20,000 to $60,000 and are paid weekly – directly to the Member.

Members may go on claim for short-term needs – like after a hospital discharge, or longer term when Members can no longer reliably perform day-to-day activities without assistance. Benefits are paid up to a maximum of 50 weeks. So, if the Member has a fully vested $50,000 benefit, they receive $1,000 a week for 50 weeks.

Plus, because Home Care Secure includes membership in the Aging at Home Association, Members get access to tools and resources to help develop a plan to age at home and discounted care coordination services at time of need to help them find home care providers and other services.

Q. What discounts and special values do I get access to as a member?

A. Membership includes access to the following benefits.  


An annual assessment Developed by Fidelity® Investments and the Stanford Center on Longevity

  • Comprehensive assessment based on Health, Life and Money
  • Recommendations to improve your Total Well-Being scores
  • Yearly invitations to re-score yourself and enhance your well-being over time

Explore tools, information and resources designed to build your plan for aging at home

  • Home Environment and Day-to-Day Living
  • Health and Wellness
  • Finance and Legal
  • Social and Community Connections
  • Family Caregiving
Home Care Secure

Home Care Secure – underwritten by Guarantee Trust Life, an innovative group indemnity insurance product available to members of the Aging at Home Association.

The product pays members a weekly cash benefit when they require assistance to live at home. Weekly cash benefits pay a total maximum benefit between $20,000 and $60,000 depending on the level of benefit selected.



Enjoy free unlimited telehealth consultations in the comfort of your own home.

Care Coordination

Members save 15% off Wellthy’s monthly care coordination services. Use for yourself or to support care for a loved one.

Durable Medical Products

Credit for Caring
Members save 10% on orders over a $100 on when they shop for durable medical equipment at

Social Security Disability Benefit Advocacy Services

SSDC Services

If you are unable to work full-time because of an illness, injury or medical condition and you are not yet retirement age, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. SSDC provides discounted advocacy services to assist you in obtaining the Social Security disability benefit to which you are entitled.

Medical Alert System

Aloe Care Health

Association members now have discounted access to the world’s most advanced voice-activated, in-home medical alert and communication system for older adults.

Dental Care


DenteMax’s dental discount plan offers members an average of 20% to 50% off almost all General Dentists’ and Specialists’ standard fees.


Association Hearing Benefits

Saves members 50% to 60% off the prices of hearing instruments offered at local audiology clinics or dispensing offices with its mail order plan.

Pet Supplies

Retail Benefits –

Enjoy special deals and earn cash back when you shop at participating online stores using the virtual shopping assistant.

Identity Theft Protection


10% off monthly identity theft protection services. That’s just $9/month or $99/year for LifeLock Standard™ service.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership with Home Care Secure is currently available in select states.

Q: How much does an Aging at Home Association Membership cost?

A: Membership is available at the cost of $9.99 per month.

Q. How much do I pay if membership includes Home Care Secure?

A: Pricing is based on the age and gender of the Member, as well as the lifetime coverage selected. Some sample prices are listed below for your reference: .

Gender & Age
Maximum Lifetime Benefit
– – –
Monthly Costs
a) Age 60
b) Age 70

a) Age 60
b) Age 70

All prices include Aging at Home Association membership dues.  All rates are subject to change.

There is also an optional Inflation Rider that increases the selected lifetime benefit 3% each year (simple interest) once the Member is fully vested. 

PLEASE NOTE: At present, Aging at Home Membership is only available to residents of the following states: 


Q. How do I Become a Member of the Aging at Home Association?

A: Please phone 1-800-276-AAHA and a customer service representative would be pleased to help you.

Q. How do I get membership with Home Care Secure?

A: Click here to request more information about this option.

Q. Won’t Medicare pay for home care and other services to help me live at home when I’m older?

A: Unfortunately, Medicare only covers a limited amount of services to support enrollees who need help living at home and only in specific situations.

Medicare has what’s known as a ‘Home Health’ benefit which pays for in-home skilled nursing care in certain situations (such as, after a hospitalization). The benefit may also include a limited amount of in-home ‘personal care’ services, like meal preparation and bathing for people who need additional help. The benefit is short-term in nature and may only be offered for a few hours a week. Services must be re-authorized every 30 days.

Longer term help with personal care services, such as those provided by licensed home care agencies, are not included as part of Medicare’s benefits.