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Time and a proper space are pre-requisites for pursuing hobbies and activities that enhance your life. Whether you are learning new skills, managing your business, or creating appreciated gifts for friends and family, a safe place to engage with your work and enjoy the things you love is an important component of making your house a home.

Here are some tips on making a place for work and hobbies at home.

  • Workspace: A dedicated workspace with organized materials is ideal.  Ergonomic seating with a table at a comfortable height is important. Items should be easily reached without bending or straining. Use of palm rests and ergonomic keyboards are recommended.
  • Lighting: Comfortable lighting of at least 75W is important but not to the degree it produces glare.  If using a screen, lighting should reduce the need to strain the eyes.  Frequent breaks should be taken, as well, to reduce eye strain.
  • Dementia: Password-protected computers are recommended to avoid unauthorized internet use.  Any hobby materials which are toxic or dangerous should be stored away from the workspace and only used under supervision.