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Pets can give us countless opportunities to love, nurture, laugh and enjoy the spontaneity of life. They can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and can promote healthy behaviors like regular walks and exercise.

With this it’s important to recognize risks associated with pet ownership especially if the pet is large or boisterous. The risk of trips and falls can increase, and many assisted living facilities and nursing homes may not accommodate them.

So, reducing risks in hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of the home (as outlined as part of this resource section) may be more important to keep a cherished pet at home. Other safety tips include:

  • Promptly cleaning up water and food spills
  • Keeping water bowls clear of trafficked foot areas
  • Keeping pathways clear of pet toys and supplies
  • Organizing pet supplies so they are easily available at time of need and can be gotten to without bending or straining
  • Having a place to sit down to put on leashes and do day-to-day tasks with the pet
  • If it’s a new pet, choosing one whose size, temperament and need for care matches the abilities of the pet owner.