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Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Future – Starting Now!

This New Year, we at the Aging at Home Association want to remind our members to take advantage of the Total Well-Being Assessment, developed in partnership with Fidelity Investments® and the Stanford Center on Longevity, available to you through your association membership.

Whether or not you’ve identified a resolution for 2022, the turn of the New Year is always an opportunity for reflection. Maybe you are just starting to think about your long-term aging goals, or you are beginning to feel anxious about achieving those goals, or maybe you haven’t put much thought into hopes for your future. No matter where you are in the planning process, there are three key areas which can provide you with valuable insights into your preparedness for long-term aging at home:



Reflect on your social interactions and community involvement –  the people, activities, and aspects of life which give you a sense of fulfillment. It’s also important to identify your stressors and any aspects of life creating unnecessary or avoidable challenges.


How are you prioritizing your health? Are you focused on getting enough sleep, managing chronic conditions, making annual appointments with your primary care doctor? It’s important to begin noticing how you perceive your health status changing through time and to act on the solutions to keep yourself healthy. This reflection also entails a critical look at barriers to your health – for example, some individuals may struggle to access fruits and vegetables on a regular basis; while others may be unable to fit exercise into a busy schedule.


Dig into your finances. Make sure you are aware of spending, income, and savings. What are some of your biggest costs and what areas might you be able to cut back spending? You want to make sure you are on track with your retirement and long-term care goals. So start to notice ways in which you can divert spending to saving.


If you are a Member of the Aging at Home Association, your Total Well-Being Assessment will give you personalized scores and recommendations for each of these three areas to help you move through 2022 with intention and a heightened ability to reach your aging goals. And for Members and Non-Members alike, take the opportunity and momentum presented in the New Year to reflect and make the small changes which could provide you greater long-term opportunities and options.