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Partnership Spotlight: Wellthy and the Importance of Care Coordination

As the U.S. population ages, those who do not have family nearby or strong local support are left alone to navigate the care space, which is often confusing and fragmented. The disjointed nature of the Elder Care space can often drive individuals to seek help from care referral organizations. Because these referral organizations have partnerships and contracts with specific care communities and they typically earn revenue based on senior placement in these communities, individuals may not be aware of the full breadth of options when working with one of these organizations; and, they may be steered to organizations / entities, which are not a great fit. This leaves many in a bind – needing help and guidance while struggling to afford it, or finding a trustworthy source.

Considering the complexities and stress involved in these care situations, The Aging at Home Association is proud to partner with Wellthy, a digital caregiving concierge that supports families who are navigating complex, chronic, and ongoing care needs. Wellthy’s team of Care Coordinators is made up of experts such as licensed social workers who work within the company’s Care Framework to support families in areas including housing, medical needs, social and emotional well-being, in-home care, financial implications, and legal considerations. A family’s dedicated Care Coordinator will tackle complex tasks and navigate difficult conversations between family members, insurance companies, medical personnel, government agencies, and any other party that’s involved in the care of a loved one.

Meet Ray!  Shortly after Ray’s father passed away, his mother, Mary, began facing cognitive decline and memory loss. Ray recounts his experience with long-distance caring and his need for Wellthy’s support:

Living hundreds of miles away from my mother’s home, I couldn’t be there all the time to provide Mom with the support she needed. But, I was lucky to have Wellthy (through my Employer), and we were assigned a dedicated care coordinator and licensed social worker who worked with us to provide her with the support she needed. Her coordinator introduced her to local groups and communities to help her manage her dementia and to prevent social isolation and accelerated decline. Our coordinator also worked with my mom to understand her desires and to create an advance directive which reflected her values and allowed her autonomy to the end of her life. We were able to find Mom in-home care which allowed her to remain in the place she loved for as long as possible, and, when she did need institutional care, Wellthy supported her both in finding the best possible place and throughout her move. Myself and my family are so grateful to have had access to Wellthy and for the fact our Mother (who was also a Grandma and Sister) was respected and supported throughout her aging process.

So many are in situations similar to Ray’s – understanding the need for help in supporting aging parents, but unsure where to look and how to find a trusted source of guidance. Understanding the need for holistic care in aging goes beyond placement in institutional care, respects the dignity of our loved ones, and is at the core of the Wellthy mission.